Mohs Surgery

MOHS micrographic surgery named after Dr. Frederic E. Mohs is a highly advanced and precise technique for removing skin cancers while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact and unharmed. The procedure involves surgically removing a skin cancer layer by layer and examining the tissue under a microscope for evidence of tumor roots and repeating the process until a cancer free margin is reached. Dr. Litani, your fellowship trained dermatologist will serve as a cancer surgeon, identifying and removing your cancer, a pathologist, determining if your margins are cleared and the cancer is cured, as well as a plastic reconstructive surgeon, to ensure the best cosmetic result.  Mohs micrographic surgery offers the highest potential cure rate, up to 99%.


Your physician can surgically remove benign and malignant skin lesions in the office. The procedure involves local anesthesia and your doctor will determine the best way to remove and suture your skin to minimize the scar and give you the best cosmetic result.

Benign lesions that can be excised: Moles, Lipomas, Cysts, birthmarks, Glandular growths

Malignant lesions: Basal cell and sqamous cell carcinomas where Mohs surgery is not indicated, Melanoma, malignant glandular tumors

All our dermatologists are trained to perform straightforward excisions. Any excision that is more complicated, on a cosmetically sensitive area of the body, or needs a more significant repair or reconstruction will be referred to our Mohs surgeon, Dr. Carin Litani, who has performed thousands of skin reconstructive procedures.

Surgical earlobe repair

Dr. Carin Litani, our Fellowship trained Mohs and reconstructive surgeon, can repair damaged, torn, or altered earlobes. If your earrings hang too low or you feel you can not wear certain earrings, please call and schedule a consultation. Other stretched, torn, or split earlobes, as well as those with abnormal scarring or keloid formation are also great candidates for an earlobe repair with Dr. Litani. This procedure removes the abnormal piercing and tightens and lifts the earlobe for a firmer and smaller earlobe.

Scar Revision

Scars do get better with time but everyone heals differently and sometimes a procedure can help maximize the cosmetic appearance of your scar. A thickened scar can be injected with steroid to flatten it down. Depressed scars can be lifted with subscision or resurfaced with a laser like Fraxel.

Slow Mohs

Heavy earrings and getting older can dilate your earring piercing and cause sagging of your earlobes. If your earrings look like they may rip directly through your ear, come in for a consultation on how we can repair this.