You want your skin cancer treated with the highest standard of quality and competency.
The American College of Mohs Surgery is the only dermatologic surgery organization that requires its members to complete an additional course of hands-on training for 1 to 2 years after their 3 year dermatology residency. This provides the opportunity for your surgeon to develop good judgment and become highly skilled in:

  • 1 Excising skin cancers and creating precisely-oriented microscopic maps
  • 2 Reading slides made from the removed tissue
  • 3 Repairing the surgical defect, which involves exposure to and development of a wide repertoire of reconstructive techniques.

During the fellowship, each surgeon-in-training must participate in a minimum of 500 cases under the supervision of a Mohs College approved, fellowship-trained instructor (surgeon).Dr. Carin Litani trained in one of the top dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology centers in the U.S. She performed over 1200 cases in her training at the
Medical University of South Carolina and is highly skilled in complex reconstructive procedures to minimize the appearance of your scar.